Santolivo is the fruit of a great passion. And of two specific choices: in the olive grove - to remain faithful to the wisdom and traditions of the farmers and in the olive press - to adopt the most modern techniques for production and preservation of the oil. There is a single objective: to enhance the genuineness and the naturalness of the product without alterations or compromises, while searching for the highest possible quality. We hope that your pleasure in the taste of Santolivo will be equal to our passion in making it.



Santolivo is an organic oil

As a result of years of true respect for the nature, our farm has been certified as organic in 2012. This certification includes continuous controls to guarantee the genuinity of Santolivo, year after year.


Seven reasons for our excellent oil

A typical Tuscan olive grove

Situated on a hill, with large natural terraces facing south, the olive grove is mainly composed of the most typical Tuscan varieties of olives: Leccini, Correggioli and Moraioli. The blending of these varieties gives the oil its typical Tuscan taste, fruity and spicy at the same time.

Natural care of the olive grove

 We take care of the olive grove as farmers have done for centuries: pruning regularly to air the plants and eliminate pollen and suckers, using natural and organic fertilizer and maintaining permanent grass under the foliage without using chemical products.

 Early harvesting

 We harvest the olives as early as possible after the colour changes (from green to black) and well before complete maturation, when the olives and the oil have reached their maximum quality and still have not started the process of a slow deterioration.

Hand harvesting

 To have only fresh and undamaged olives, we pick them by hand on the branches, avoiding picking overripe or damaged olives fallen on the ground. For the highest branches we use long electric vibrating poles in order to limit the use of ladders which are always dangerous.

Daily transport to the olive press

 Every day we take the harvested olives to the press in small crates which protect them against damage. The olives, still very fresh, are washed, and the oil extraction process begins immediately.

Cutting-edge extraction process

The olive press runs on a continuous cycle, without anti-hygienic manipulation during the process: the olives enter and the oil exits. The extraction process is ‘cold press’ at a temperature less than 27°C. To separate the oil from the olive skins, the paste of crushed olives is centrifuged without adding water. Our press is one of the few in the Sienese area to utilize this technique: it extracts less oil but the chemical-organoleptic properties of the oil are unchanged as it is not diluted with water. At the end, the oil is cleaned mechanically, without filters, so its characteristics are not altered.


High standard of preservation

 After less than ten hours from harvest and two hours from arrival at the olive press, the oil is ready. It is transferred immediately to a special, large stainless steel tank already containing the oil extracted in the preceding days. The tank is hermetically sealed, with nitrogen instead of oxygen, and it is placed in a room which is constantly temperature controlled (16°C). Thus, the oil is perfectly protected from its principal enemies: light, oxygen and temperature variations.


Santolivo is DOP 'Terre di Siena'

This DOP-Denomination of Protected Origin is one of the most selective in Italy, given only to the best Sienese extra-virgin olive oils after rigorous controls and careful evaluation by professional tasters. To read the DOP production regulations, click here.


The label DOP 'Terre di Siena' certifies that...

1. All the olives harvested to produce Santolivo are 100% Sienese, coming only from our olive grove

2. The varieties used are local and typical, the majority being Moraiolo, Correggiolo and Leccino

3. The olives are squeezed while still fresh, within 24 hours of arrival at the olive press

4. The pressing is done by mechanical process, not chemical, under conditions which preserve the original characteristics of the olives

5. Santolivo has all of the analytic and organoleptic requirements needed for inclusion on the restricted list of the great Sienese extra-virgin olive oils


Passion for details

Special pouring spout

The pouring spout was designed to pour slowly and regularly, even when the bottle is turned upside down. It is therefore ideal to measure out the oil perfectly, even if only a few drops are needed.

 Even when the bottle is turned upside down, the special pouring spout allows to measure out the oil perfectly, even if only a few drops are needed.


Bottles numbered by hand

 As a guarantee of the authenticity of our handcrafted production, the label on the back of the bottle specifies the year of the harvest, the bottle number in the bottling cycle, as well as the “best before” indication for the oil (18 months from the exact bottling).


Last minute bottling

Bottling occurs immediately prior to shipment and only for the minimum quantities required, to guarantee the shipment of the freshest oil, just taken from its special tank. Dark glass bottles are used to protect the oil from light.


Special shipping containers

Small quantities of bottles are packed in special polystyrene containers. Each bottle is therefore protected from bumps or falls.

Santolivo 2012/2013

Also this year the oil is golden colored approaching green, fruity and spicy with a hint of bitterness: a true Sienese oil!

2012/2013 Harvest

Click here for the detailed harvest and production data for this year.

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